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Great for small


A fluctuating rate tracking the exact amount of time spent on a project. You'll receive an initial estimate, but the end cost may be different. This option allows complete freedom in adapting the project throughout the process, and additional tasks can be easily added along the way.

Great for businesses

A fixed rate is estimated at the beginning of the project, based on the needs you've outlined. You'll know the final cost, but there will be limitations on revisions and changes. If additional needs arise, these may be charged at an additional hourly rate. This is a great option for a business with a set budget.



Great for large projects

Day rates set a fixed price for 7 hours project time, with half-days available too. You are able to request a certain number of days and, if available, exact dates, which allow co-working with other members of your team. This is a great option for projects that require lots of team input, or a fast turn-around. 

Great for long-term projects

A retainer contract engages services for a set amount of hours per week or month, ensuring time is reserved above other clients and allowing a close working relationship with your team. Retainer contracts are great for businesses with long-term projects, or high quantities of content required. Ending a retainer contract requires one month's notice. 

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